Google Maps

March 18, 2009

In my ECMP class last week Dean talked to us about Google maps, and opened a whole new world for me. Now I have heard of google maps before and used them to help me get from point a to point b. However I had never thought about using it as a trip planner. It is amazing how easy it is to find and pinpoint main attractions and then to add content such as pictures, videos, or descriptions to those attractions. So thinking about trips I decided to use this tech task to start a little research for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas! I decided to locate the hotel that we will be staying at and then three of the the things that I am the most excited for. I will embed the map below as well as a link to it and you can check out some of the things I’m looking forward too.

Or you can look at it here

Working with google maps really got me thinking about how they can be utilized in the classroom and I think that the options are almost endless. During my internship i had students plan a Saskatchewan road trip using a traditional road map. I think it would have been really cool though to have taken this project even farther by then having them create the same trip using google maps. This would have also allowed them to do some comparison between the two types of maps and got them thinking about the uses of technology in our lives.
I also started thinking about how you could use google maps to do a project looking at far away communities and what they look like by using the street view. You could also incorporate aspects of math by having them plan a trip there while looking at aspects of cost, Give them a budget and have them include the information of cost in their descriptions of their stops on their maps. Then they could compare places of travel and decide where they might like to go based on the information information their classmates have gathered on their maps.

These were just some ideas I thought of while playing around with google maps. I would love to hear some of the ideas that other people have come up with for incorporating this great tool in the classroom.


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