March 18, 2009

Another tech task for this week was to find two podcasts that we are interested in. It was suggested that one of our choices should be educational. I started out my search for that podcast by going to the education category and then I searched special education as it is an area that really interests me. I was quickly given a list of podcasts related to this and they all sounded really great, so I subscribed to them and then thought this is great I have a head start on my tech task and a lot of great stuff. But then when I actually sat down and starting listening to some of them I was very disappointed both with the content and the engagement of the podcast. So I started all over again and decided to browse through all of the podcasts in the education category. I eventually came across SMARTBOARD lessons podcasts by Joan Badger and Ben Hazzard (who actually presented to our class about smart boards.) The episodes that I have listened to so far have been great, they give you lots of resources, and best of all I find the hosts to be engaging and they liven up the discussions with music, and even some sound effects. As great as all the information is in this podcast one of the other things that really draws me to it is the quality. The sound quality of these is so good that I find that has a huge impact on how interested I am in it. I listened to a couple of podcasts that I think I would have enjoyed more if they were as loud and clear as this one.

The second podcast i choose is one done by John Cleese. I choose this one purely because I find John Cleese hilarious, and I think he has some pretty good information that we can take out of his rants. For example this one on airlines. Enjoy!


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