Tech Task # 3 – part 2

April 5, 2009

I added a part two to this tech task because there was another blogger that I really wanted to recognize as being a great inspiration for me and that is Karen Janoski. This blog is titled Edtech Solutions: Teaching Every Student. In her latest post she talks about independence and dependence in schools. She mentions how we want independent students yet we believe that we have better success working one on one and with IEP’s (Individualized Education Programs which are similar to our PPP’s (Personal Program Plans)) She mentions that some of these processes can actually help teach dependence. I should mention that she is talking about students who have disabilities as she continues to say how can we expect independence when they are never given the opportunities to do things such as produce their own written work. From here she makes some suggestions for how we can change shift our views on disability and accommodation. This was the part that really stuck out to me. I suggest you go and read the post for yourself. If you don’t though here is the one suggestion that really had an effect on me:

“2. Recognize the inherent disability that exists in the curriculum and instruction when students with learning struggles can not access the curriculum using traditional methods. Although no research exists that supports the superiority of textbooks, lecture based and paper based methods, the majority of classroom instruction depends upon these methods of instruction. Time to stop blaming the student when our methods disable their performance and participation.”

I compeletly agree with her and how we need to start looking at our documents like the curriculum and asking what is wrong with it? How can we change it to better address the needs of all our students? Rather than constantly asking what is wrong with this student or that student, why can’t they learn from this document?
I think an important thing to remember when thinking this way is just because it is not your way does not mean that it is the wrong way.

I found this poster while I was searching for a picture for this blog and what really stood out to me about it was the words “we all count” I think that is a very important message for us to always remember, especially as teachers. Everyone of our students counts, each of their opinions is as important as the next, all of their needs are important, and they all deserve the same opportunities for education, and independence.

Below i have pasted what the creator of this picture had to say about it:

Toni Holmes – My piece is a very symbolic digital artwork that expresses the true equality we have the right to share as human beings. The extreme contrast between the black and white used repetitively throughout the artwork describes how opposing colours (races) can work and live together harmoniously. The constant size of the two figures represents how males and females are as important as each other, and the encricling words around them describe the similarities all humans share. It also symbolises the earth on which they live; a world of peace, cooperation and understanding of each others differences.

I found the picture here, where there are several other great diversity posters that were created for diversity week last year.


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