Tech Task #3

April 5, 2009

Like a couple other of my classmates, I also didn’t realize that part of this tech task was about responding to a blog post from one of the individuals that you added to your reader. My first thought was to talk about the blog kept by Paul Hamilton His blog is called Free resources for from the net for (special) education. This blog is one that I have loved going to. I think the title alone tells you why. If it is not already in your reader I would suggest that you add it. There have been a couple things that I have been blown away by and so thankful that I am getting the opportunity to experience now. As I’ve mentioned before I want to teach special education so it has been great for me to get some resources that I am familair with before I start teaching. I also have a younger brother who has Cerebral Palsy who I want to try using some of these resources with to help him utilize his computer at home. To get to my point, I choose two resources from Paul Hamilton’s blog to share today.

1. Tidyreadtidyreads is a free website that allows you to extract text from any webpage and put it onto a easy read page that contains none of the other distractions or clutter that we see on webpages. For Paul’s review of this tool click here.

2. Sqworlsqworl is a website that allows you to create webpages where you can use images of your choice to link to other webpages. This is a really great resource that you can use for students who are already using a lot of visual cues for communication, or for students that have some reading difficulties. You can make pages for an individual in your classroom or for groups. I think this tool would also be useful in the younger grades when they are still getting comfortable with computers or you could use it to help keep them focused on the sites that you are using in our classroom. To read Paul’s review click here.

As a last point I wanted to comment on how following this blog has opened my eyes to using technology with people who have disabilities. I am aware that there is a lot of amazing technologies out there that are designed as assistive technologies for people and that with the aid of technology there are a lot of incredible things happening in the area of quality of life improvement and research for people with disabilities. However this site has reminded me that we don’t always have to rely on these technologies that can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, and also that there are still some things in life that are free.


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