April 9, 2009

So this tech task really got the better off me. I really do not like the sound of my own voice so that was the first thing that turned me off of it. The second was I had no inspiration. I kept seeing some great podcast go up from my classmates but I had nothing. I was really focusing on the idea of an interview because I knew that would mean less of my voice. I finally decided that I would do an interview with my little cousins when they were over. I was so excited to finally be working towards getting this tech task done! I interviewed the youngest one (he’s 4) about his favourite movie, Gremlins.
During the interview his brother and sister (6 and 9) popped into the conversation as well. The end recording was so cute and funny, all I needed to do was add some music, an introduction and a conclusion. Easy I thought. But then we all had to leave because it was time for ringette (I coach my cousin’s team). When I returned home I found my laptop off. The only problem was I never said the raw audio, my interview was gone, and with it my ambition to finish the task. 

I was back to the drawing board now when it came to deciding what to do with the task and I really wanted to just complete it already. Then I had the idea to do an interview from the rink because I was going to be there for a lot of sunday afternoon anyways as I was volunteered to score keep for some of the final games. At first I thought I would bring my laptop and conduct interviews from the penalty box. Then it dawned on me though, I could use my blackberry to record! That is much easier than bringing my computer. So I headed to the rink ready to attempt this tech task once again. Unfortunately though things at the rink were hectic and I didn’t want to bug anyone. I also decided that coaches wouldn’t want me interviewing their players while in the penatly box, maybe during the season they would be okay with it, but this was city championships so I needed to be serious. I didn’t want to give up on the task though so instead I did a short podcast to introduce one of the games I was working and then also got a little feedback from my cohosts (my aunt who I coach with and one of our players) I hoped to chronicle the game on the podcast but there was no time to do it while working the clock and scorekeeping. This task did give me a good chance to work with audacity though and I found some great how to videos and instructions for it on its website and wiki. I also learned that the audiofile from blackberries doesn’t work in audacity so I had to record my recording which is why it gets really quiet in some places. Anyways enjoy this short talk about ringette!

Polar Bears

Polar Bears

Click here to hear it.


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